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Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Servicing

We service all makes and models of heat pumps and air conditioning systems, we provide a standard service and a full strip down service.

Service involves:

Indoor unit:

  • Cleaning filters of dirt, dust, grease, oil and other residue and disinfecting.
  • Rinsing and cleaning coils and disinfecting.
  • Cleaning and rinsing airflow vanes.
  • Flushing drain tray and drain pipe.
  • Checking electrical connections and boards for signs of dirt and dust.
  • Temperature and Airflow testing
  • Error code testing

Outdoor unit:

  • Removing top cover and rinsing, cleaning coils and disinfecting.
  • Cleaning fan unit of any dirt and testing performance.
  • Checking electrical PCB boards for any dirt or rodents and connections.
  • Refrigerant level testing R410a, R32 or R22.
  • Temperature and Airflow testing.

heat pump repair hamilton
heat pump servicing hamilton

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