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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been honored with the Canstar Blue 2022 Most Satisfied Customer Award.

MHIAA, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd., has once again been recognized for its dedication to Australian consumers. For the fourth year in a row, MHIAA has been awarded the prestigious Canstar Blue 2022 Most Satisfied Customer award. This accolade, along with numerous others, solidifies MHIAA's position as the leading brand in the air-conditioning industry in Australia.Canstar Blue is a highly trusted consumer review and comparison site in Australia. Each year, t...

February 29, 2024

New Energy Rating Labels For Heat Pumps

We have created a useful guide to help you understand and interpret the newly introduced Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL) for heat pumps by the Australian Government. This guide will provide information on what these labels offer, how to read them effectively, and provide some fundamental knowledge to assist you in selecting the most suitable and energy-efficient heat pump for your needs! WHAT DO ENERGY RATING LABELS REPRESENT?Energy Rating Labels have been in existence for more than three decad...

June 30, 2023

Why Choose a Mitsubishi Heat Pump?

Of their ultra modern top brand customer survey, independent consumer advocacy institution customer has presented Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as the pinnacle logo of heat pumps!Performing properly in terms of reliability and overall performance and attaining a massive percentage for high customer pleasure, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries beat 7 ot...

June 30, 2023

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Allergen Clear Filter


June 29, 2023

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Clean Air Technology


June 29, 2023

How to Select the Best Heat Pump

Here's a written guide on selecting the best heat pump in New Zealand -We all know that heat pumps are among the most effective and practical heating options available in New Zealand, but since they are a significant investment, it's critical to get them installed correctly the first time.The five steps to selecting a heat pump are: determining the best type of heat pump for your needs; determining the area of your home that needs heating or cooling; determining the size of the heat pump and its...

June 29, 2023

Heat pumps Result In Improved Family Health

According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority's (EECA) Warmer Kiwi Homes programme study, once a heat pump was installed, the number of respondents who said they were in good or exceptional health increased considerably.The proportion of respondents who rated their general health as "very good" or "excellent" jumped from 46.2 before to heat pump installation to 61.5 after installation.Warmer Kiwi Homes provides government-funded payments of up to 80% of the cost of insulation and...

June 29, 2023

Heat Pumps For Rental Properties

There are numerous reasons for landlords in New Zealand to put heat pumps in their homes. They not only provide a fantastic source of warmth, but they may also assist to reduce energy expenditures and keep residents warm throughout the winter months.Here are a few reasons why heat pumps are an excellent choice for landlords in New Zealand:1. They are incredibly effective.Because heat pumps are incredibly efficient, tenants can save money on their energy expenses. In fact, adding a heat pump can ...

June 29, 2023

Heat Pumps For Smaller Spaces

Many Hamilton residents are enjoying the benefits of downsizing. Some do it for environmental reasons, some for economic reasons, and still others for practical reasons. Hamilton is an excellent choice for those who want to live in a lovely setting without having to buy a home.There are trade-offs to be made with any substantial adjustment like this, with positives and cons depending on the situation.But one thing is certain: you will still require heating and cooling, and summer is not far...

June 29, 2023

How Much Heat Pumps Cost To Run

The most dependable and effective method of heating your house is using a heat pump.They are all reliant on how they are operated, including the temperature set, the size of the room, and the cost per kWh.In comparison to other heating methods like oil heaters, fan heaters, gas, etc, the use of heat pumps is rather low.Utilising them instead of alternative techniques will significantly increase your energy savings, up to $500 a year.There are more techniques to increase the effectiveness of your...

June 28, 2023

Heating In The Winter For A Healthy Home

Heat pumps are the most efficient way of heating your home, its said to account for 35% of ur winter power bill.Up to 25% of New Zealand houses now are using heat pumps as there primary heating.Choosing the right size of heat pump is always important, having one to small it will work to hard to get the area to temperature, getting one to big will over saturate the area.The recommended temperature settings to have your heat pump is between 22-24 degrees for the best efficiency, having the heat fa...

June 28, 2023

How Lack Of Servicing Effects Ur Heat Pump

There is many ways it can effect your heat pump, such as poor airflow making the unit unable to breathe and cause it loose efficiency and potentially damage the system.Other nasty's including black mold, dust and other allergy's can form, be a hazard to your health.Thats why us at Hamilton Aircons, we provide effective heat pump servicing in Hamilton and Waikato areas to address these issues, we recommend you get this done every 12 months....

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