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Heat Pump Aircon Service Hamilton

Aircon Service Hamilton

Is you heat pump/air conditioner not running well?

Does it not perform as it should, smelly odors or weird noises?

Its more likely it needs a service, recommended you get this done every year.

Bag Cleaning Service: 

Indoor unit

Remove front cover.

Spray coil cleaner into evaporator and flush out.

Spray coil and duct disinfectant throughout the system .

Full flush done on drain to outside.

Check operation (temperatures, airflow)

Outdoor unit

Open front cover of outdoor unit and inspect (if required).

Clean unit condenser and fan assembly with condenser cleaner, flush the drains.

Spray disinfectant and mold prohibitor into condenser coils. 

Check airflow and temperatures.

Check refrigerant (if needed)

**All servicing does not include electrical component cleaning, eg. Outdoor unit side panel, Indoor unit side panel**

Aircon Service Hamilton

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