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Ventilation Systems - Hamilton

Got crying windows during the winter? hot and humid during the summer?
This can be all caused by poor ventilation in your home.

On average a healthy home should have at least 0.35 air changes per hour

We can supply and install Smartvent Ventilation Systems from as little as $2999!


HEX 390 System Installation

The HEX390 is a 'balanced pressure' system. It
extracts air from the house and at the same time brings fresh air in.
These two streams of air pass through a heat exchanger, which warms
incoming air in winter and cools incoming air in summer. This means
that up to 80% of the energy which would be wasted using a traditional
positive pressure system is recovered by the HEX390, resulting in
significant energy savings and therefore cost savings.

Until recently, balanced pressure ventilation systems have been
considerably more expensive than traditional positive pressure systems.
However, a HEX390 balanced pressure system can be installed for a
similar price as a traditional positive pressure system.


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