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Heat Pumps For Smaller Spaces

Many Hamilton residents are enjoying the benefits of downsizing. Some do it for environmental reasons, some for economic reasons, and still others for practical reasons. Hamilton is an excellent choice for those who want to live in a lovely setting without having to buy a home.

There are trade-offs to be made with any substantial adjustment like this, with positives and cons depending on the situation.

But one thing is certain: you will still require heating and cooling, and summer is not far away. Being in a compact house with few windows for circulation might result in a suffocatingly hot climate.

Hamilton Aircons are professionals in assisting you in selecting the best heat pump for your Hamilton property.

So, how do you go about selecting a heat pump for a tiny space?

Heat pumps for tiny places must have three main features. They must remain silent. They must be unobtrusive, and you must be able to control the airflow where you want it or do not want it.

Heat pumps for small places must be extremely quiet.

While most heat pumps become quieter with each passing year, two manufacturers stand out beyond the rest. Mitsubishi and Panasonic are known for producing the quietest heat pumps on the market.

Two excellent examples of small-space units

This Summer, rest easy with the Mitsubishi DXK09ZSA-W. It's New Zealand's quietest heat pump ever, starting at only 19dBA and great for compact rooms!

Enjoy the quietness of a Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP25VGKD. The Mitsubishi Electric AP Series runs at only 19 dBA, making it ideal for sleeping in your little house.

Pro Tip: The closer the heat pump is to your head (sleeping position), the noisier it will appear. As a result, balance effective cooling to aid sleep while keeping noise levels low.

Heat pumps for small places must be installed quietly.

Space is limited in a small home or room. As a result, you'll need a heat pump that can be fitted without sacrificing usable living space.

Most of the time, a wall-mounted device will allow you to keep all available floor space. There are, however, exceptions.

However, because it is below the line of sight, choosing a floor console results in a less noticeable and more discreet item.

It all boils down to personal preference and the practical constraints of your living space. If in doubt, request that our customer service team inspect your room and provide a recommendation.

Hi-wall units are typically less expensive to purchase. Floor console units feature a classic appearance that may complement older homes.

Heat pumps for tiny places must have adequate ventilation.

Do you enjoy a gentle breeze on your face at night? Will it help you sleep or keep you awake? The location of your heat pump could be critical.

When selecting a heat pump, consider where the airflow will go. Can you control the airflow to suit your needs?

You don't want it blowing about your newspaper. You may also dislike having cold or warm air blown in your face as you drink your coffee.

Because the airflow is directed towards the floor or up the wall, a floor-console heat pump is less likely to disrupt your sleep. Many units provide you the option to select.

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